The international sports project of IFA VERONA and SAN GIOVANNI LUPATOTO (re)starts in the best way: exceptional guests, the FC BULLEEN LIONS team from Melbourne (Australia)!

A 12-day “tour de force”, including friendlies (San Giovanni Lupatoto, Ifa Verona, Virtus Verona and Padova), training sessions with professional coaches, meetings with leading figures (Luigi Fresco, Cristian Cantarelli and Lorenzo Bedin..), and tourist trips to discover the area (Milan, Verona, Venice and Murano, Padua) for around twenty Australian kids and the same number of parents from the FC BULLEEN LIONS club.

“It was wonderful to see the boys enter from the Battistoni arch, take selfies or live live broadcasts… and equally beautiful to see them struggling with the selections of San Giovanni and IFA, or of Virtus Verona and Padova: some matches were truly intense, with interesting game proposals, certainly training for both teams.” Pirmati Francesco, coach and methodologist of Ifa Verona.

“FC Bulleen Lions is a club linked to the Veneto Club of Melbourne, the large Venetian community in Australia that organizes these cultural and sporting tours.

A wonderful opportunity to make our reality known, to let young “foreigners” experience our most famous places, and to introduce food and traditions..

It was really exciting to see that some parents, who expatriated as children, remembered places, events that happened… We have certainly created a bond that will last over time!” conclude Cattel Alberto, manager. international events of the IFA VERONA.

Goodbye Bulleen Lions, see you next year!